Business owners & managers are dependant on the internet. Websites, email, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization are all terms that we hardly heard two decades ago. Now, it seems, as a business owner or manager you are expected to know all about these technologies. This mindset, unfortunately, can leave you at the will of one of the many unethical digital marketing advisors. 

David West is a full time Internet Consultant.  If you would like to consult with David via Skype, click the link below.  The initial chat is free.  If you value the advice and direction of your voice chat with David a small fee will be charged. You will need Skype Credits… you will not give David your payment details- this is very safe.

David can review your website design and development plans with you and help you prepare to navigate the often choppy waters of engaging a website designer or developer. 

Not sure what direction to go in… a brief consultation with David A. West will get you rolling in the right direction!

Incidently, if you already have a pretty good idea of what you need to accomplish, but just want to get a budget number – proposals are FREE! 🙂