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A Digital Business Advisor with 25+ Years Serving Business Owners

With over twenty-five years in business, first as a programmer and then as a website developer, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketer, and certified advertising manager, David A. West has a wealth of experience working with businesses across Canada and the United States. Since 1995, David has continually worked at strengthening his understanding and skill in navigating the online realm, and in turn, he has shared his learnings with his clients, some of which have been with him since the very beginning.

From Freelancer to Business Advisor

After freelancing for nearly a decade while working in corporate management roles, David started his first full-time web development company in 2004. He’s led a qualified team of creative and technical professionals to provide clients with powerful websites and SEO services. This in turn evolved into his next successful venture in 2011, where he provided clients with full digital marketing and advertising. Both companies continue to thrive to this day.

Fast forward to September 2019 (24 years later), David stood down from day-to-day management of the agencies after a successful transfer of ownership.

A Treasure Trove of Experience & Knowledge

David had always shared the breadth of his experience, the good and bad, with various business groups in Canada, including trade associations and Chambers of Commerce.

As a past Professional Level speaker in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), he is uniquely qualified to offer clear technical expertise in online marketing and general business development without being obtuse or vague. It is for this reason that he pushed forward with CONTINUUS Consulting: to better offer companies the advice they need about their online direction and success.

As a digital business advisor, David A. West values ensuring that all clients receive the highest quality of consulting services made available by the combined strengths of his own history and that of his team of experts & consultants.

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