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Help Living With
Qanon Family & Friends

David would like to talk to you if you and your family are struggling with a loved one who is being influenced by QAnon beliefs.

This is a Safe and Confidential Offer of help for families impacted by Qanon and conspiracy theories.

David would like to talk with you if you and your loved ones are struggling with a QAnon-affected person.

Free Confidential QAnon Call

Are you living with a family member who has QAnon-related beliefs?

Have they become so bought into their beliefs that having a normal conversation seems out of reach.

Are they passionate to share newfound beliefs and views that can overwhelm a family dinner?

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You Are Not Alone

The conspiracy theories that your Q-relative may be exploring might include*;

  • They may speak of the One World Order and "the agenda".
  • They may assert that Conservatives are paedophiles (pizzagate).
  • They may have recently started to read the bible to support their theories.
  • They may bring forward that the earth is flat. They will challenge you to prove that they are wrong.
  • They may say, "this is the calm before the storm."
  • They may claim that Covid-19 is a hoax. They may refer to it as a plandemic.
  • Your QAnon relative is highly likely against Covid-19 testing.
  • Your QAnon relative is likely firmly against the Covid-19 vaccination.
  • They may believe that the Covid-19 vaccination contains a 5G activated tracking microchip.
  • Your Q-person will likely be sheltering any wealth they have in Gold. They will tell you that physical currency is going to be worthless.
  • When challenged, they may say, "Don't believe me? Do your own research."
  • QAnon members tend to be Trump supporters and tend to believe that the Dems stole the election.

Why are these Q-Sessions Free?

We are in the process of developing one-to-one and small group programs to support Q-Anon impacted family and friends. Your participation in this initial call will help us to develop and deliver effective programs.

David would like to talk to you if you and your family are struggling with a loved one who is being influenced by Qanon beliefs.

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Free Confidential QAnon Call

A safe and confidential call with a certified life and business coach.

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*this is not a complete list, and not all Q-followers believe all theories.