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Business Coaching
Define & Achieve Your Goals!

A hybrid advisory service that combines business coaching, consulting and training.

Business Coaching

In business, you rely on experienced professional advisors every day. An accountant keeps you on track financially, a solicitor protects your interests, and a marketing agency handles your advertising. Having a business coach on your side will help you stay focused on your goals.

A Hybrid Coaching Solution

The CONTINUUS hybrid solution combines training, business coaching, and consulting. A discovery process will help us to identify your goals and needs. Following this, an engagement plan describing a program that’s customized for your business will be presented to you.

Your Coaching Engagement

Your specific engagement plan may include a weekly or bi-monthly session with your business coach. If your goals are urgent then we might recommend an accelerator program.

You will be brought on as a client once we agree on your engagement plan. At that point, you will be onboarded as a new client. You will receive a series of messages that will prepare you for your business coaching engagement.

The Business Coaching Hub

We will enrol you in the CONTINUUS Hub as part of your onboarding process. During your program, you will collaborate with your coach in the coaching hub. File sharing, journaling, session notes, tasks, and goal metrics are all supported by the Hub. Your session calendar will also be managed here, as will your session tracking. Additionally, the CONTINUUS Hub facilitates billing and payments.

Business Coaching Sessions

CONTINUUS business coaching has adopted Google MEET for video conferencing. You will be able to easily join your sessions from the comfort of your office. We are working with clients across Canada and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia. Our offices are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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No Obligation Discovery Call

Discovery calls are an excellent way for you to MEET a senior advisor and to learn more about CONTINUUS. By the end of the call, you should have a good understanding of how we might help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals!

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