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About Us
Coaching, Consulting & Training

A hybrid approach to coaching, consulting and training. We help our clients to achieve their goals in business and life.

CONTINUUS Business Advisers

Your business works with an accounting firm and a law firm; it’s time to add a Digital Business Advisor too!

In business, we rely on expert advisors every day. Isn’t it time you had an unbiased advisor for the digital side of your business?

Marketing & Advertising Business Intelligence

We are an independent consultancy that helps our clients measure the value from their online marketing, advertising, and use of social networks.

We will reveal the successes and shortcomings of your marketing and advertising by looking critically at your historical big data and by improving the data gathering frameworks you have in place.

Through training, coaching and consulting we empower our clients to be better custodians of their critically important digital strategy, process and tactics.

Inhouse Marketing & Advertising

Many small and mid-sized companies want to look after their digital business (social media, website, paid advertising, applications etc.) in-house. This is where the training & coaching by CONTINUUS comes to play. We help our clients to ensure that their own in-house personnel are being held accountable to their goals and objectives. More importantly, we ensure that their marketing and advertising program is achieving your goals and objectives.

Now you can have a senior internet consultant on your team.

Business owners have been at the will of their contracted marketers, digital agency and vendors for decades. Typically, the same people are your advisors, your implementers, and the ones who report on their success. There may be an inherent conflict of interest in these relationships. For example, they seldom bring focus to or recommend tactics that will make more work for them or that are beyond their own skill-set. We have actually witnessed marketers argue against tactics that they are incapable of delivering.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to question their marketing services.

That nagging “less-than-confident” feeling you are experiencing is natural. It’s good to question and challenge the status quo.

At CONTINUUS, our goal is to assist you to get greater value from your existing vendors through audits, strategy development, reporting and accountability. We accomplish this in a nonpunitive manner with the intent that the team will develop a positive and progressive culture.

No Obligation Discovery Call

Discovery calls are an excellent way for you to MEET a senior advisor and to learn more about CONTINUUS. By the end of the call, you should have a good understanding of how we might help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals!

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