How to Overcome a Negative Online Review

How to Overcome a Negative Online Review

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You run a great business and have lots of loyal customers who are happy to sing your praises. You might not be a wizard at internet marketing or search engine optimization, but you know enough to pay attention to your company’s online reputation.

Despite all of this good work and due diligence, you go online or receive a notification and find out that someone has left a negative review for your business on Google or a popular website like Yelp. What is your next step?

Today, we want to help you answer that question. Let’s look at how you can overcome a negative online review…

Diagnose the Bad Review

Before you can do anything about your negative online review, you have to understand. Read it a few times, if necessary, and see if you can glean any specifics. Was the feedback valid? Does it apply to a certain situation, or type of customer? And most importantly, is there anything you can do to prevent future bad reviews with the same complaints?

A lot of business owners will rush to defend themselves, and their companies, after a customer posts something critical to the internet. Before you rush to dispute things or tell your side of the story, though, you have to understand what the feedback is really about.

Address the Underlying Problem

Assuming there is something in the review you need to pay attention to, you should try to fix the underlying problem in your business before addressing the comment itself. If you need to have a word with an employee, change a process, or otherwise alter the way you do things, that should be your top priority.

It’s never good to get poor feedback about your business. Things get even worse, though, if you do nothing and see your reputation sink quickly. Then, future buyers aren’t going to be likely to take a chance on working with you.

Answer or Challenge the Review

If you feel confident the review doesn’t reflect a bigger or ongoing issue within your business, then you can move on to the actual content. On a lot of sites, business owners can respond to reviews directly. You might want to take the opportunity to share your side of the story, or simply apologize for the customer and promise you will make an effort to serve them in a more satisfactory way going forward.

Alternatively, if you have reason to believe the review is fraudulent, or that the person who left the review has mistaken your business for another one, you could dispute the feedback. Just know that your chances of having the review taken away are very low, so this should be an option of last resort.

Drown Out Bad Reviews With Good Ones

As a rule of thumb, the best way to deal with any sort of negative feedback is to simply make sure there are more customers saying positive things about your business than there are people who are complaining. In other words, keep your customers happy and then ask them to share their experiences online.

Most buyers will ignore one or two pieces of poor feedback if your overall reputation is strong. In fact, one or two bad reviews can even your sales by showing customers that the comments left for your business are legitimate. Just make sure you don’t have too many people complaining about the same things again and again.

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