Can You Sue a Negative Reviewer?

Can You Sue a Negative Reviewer?

If someone left a bad review for your business would you consider suing them?

I have long said that while people may exercise freedom of speech online it does not mean that they will not possibly be held accountable for damages. Is that what is happening here?

According to CNN Business, “someone left a bad review about an Australian dentist. Now Google could be forced to hand over their data.”

The article states, “A court in Australia has ruled that a dentist who claims he was defamed in a Google review can serve the tech giant with an order to unmask the post's author.”

The Australian Federal Court ruled that the dentist, Matthew Kabbabe, can mail an order to Google in the USA requesting the anonymous reviewers name, phone number and IP address. The dentist, it appears, is planning a defamation suit against the reviewer.

Businesses rely on the internet to drive new and existing client engagement. Negative reviews are bad enough, but if they are not truthful it leaves the business between a rock and a hard place. If a negative review is truthful the business, at least, can try to improve its reputation by providing better service.

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