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Business Coaching, Consultants & Trainers

We coach, consult and train our clients to achieve their goals in business and life. Each of our associate coaches focuses on their core area of expertise. For example, David A. West's focus is business coaching, business development, marketing, advertising, lead generation and sales process. Other core competencies include leadership coaching, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), life coaching, career coaching and business finance.

Business Coaching

Work with a coach who will help you to achieve your goals in business & life.


We have curated a team of consultants to call upon in order to meet your needs.

Seminars, Training & Professional Speaking

Some times you just need to be told how to accomplish something. We provide custom learning plans.

Digitial Business Transformation

Audit, development of strategy and tactics to implementation. Bring your business into the future and improve your employee and client experiences aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Group Coaching

We provide group coaching, team coaching and facilitation by an experienced business coach or consultant.

Audit and Action

We audit and prepare functional recommendations and actions in key areas.
A Personal Note From Founder

David A. West


After over a decade of working within corporate management both in Canada and abroad, I leapt into business ownership. Following 25+ years of success, I am grateful to have the opportunity to watch my businesses continue to thrive under the care of their new owners.

Moving forward, we have the vision to support business owners, managers and their team members by sharing my experiences as well as the invaluable skills and experiences of our associate consultants. I am now a certified business coach, experienced consultant, and trainer. My years of experience as a business owner, employer, and marketing agency owner are now at your fingertips, and I am now poised to help you achieve your goals in business!

Why CONTINUUS exists...

We Help People Grow

We exist to help our clients to achieve their goals. Individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations come to CONTINUUS for consulting, coaching and training. Engagements are delivered one to one or in small groups. Here are some examples of how we have worked with clients.

BUSINESS COACHING - As business coaches, we will help you to establish strategies, tactics, and goals! Our business coaches are all experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. David, for example, has built businesses, sold businesses, and retired for the first time at 52 years old.

LEAD GENERATION & SALES - We couldn’t have built businesses that employ dozens of people and served thousands of clients without the ability to generate leads and close deals. From lead generation tactics to sales techniques, and seeing proposals through to closed deals, ask how we did it!

AUDIT & STRATEGY - Following a frank discussion of your business’s priorities and goals, We work with you to complete audits of your business’s components. Audits can be provided for matters of finance, process, marketing, advertising, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Not sure if an audit is a right fit for your digital marketing strategy? If you find the results of a mini-audit compelling, then a deeper review is warranted.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – often referred to as DEI – has become an important topic of discussion in the workplace.

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People, Culture and Technology

2022 Digital Business Tranformation

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Digital Business Transformation

There may be a better way to do business. The right mixture of planning, tactics, tools and culture could prepare your business for the future. Developing internal and external technologies and leveraging an analytic framework improves engagement. Digital transformation, at its heart, is about the people. Technology is constantly evolving and will change.

Digital Strategy and Culture --> Team & Client Engagement --> Process & Innovation --> Digital Technology --> Data & Analytics = Digital Business Transition

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Here is what you can expect from a no-obligation discovery call with CONTINUUS.

We will meet via a video conference and explore your needs. You will learn about our methodologies and get to experience a session. You get to ask questions and find out if working with us is the right fit for you.

Soon after our meeting, we will prepare a proposal for you with a budget for the engagement. Engagements generally will include a blend of consulting, coaching and training. It is during the development of your engagement that your project will be aligned so that you work with the CONTINUUS Advisors and associate consultants to get you what you need!

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